Meet the Ladies of Lush Part 2- Who’s this Amanda Chic?

//Meet the Ladies of Lush Part 2- Who’s this Amanda Chic?

Meet the Ladies of Lush Part 2- Who’s this Amanda Chic?

     Hi ~ I’m Amanda.  Welcome to the Lush Factor!  I am so thankful you are here.

        Well, a little about me….


        Let’s start with the good old years ( when college is finally over & you can have a real life 😉 I married my knight & shining armor at age 20.  ( We’ve been married 14 years, together 18!  Yep he’s that great!  After 5 years of studying to be an Ultrasound Technician at the Medical Center in Omaha I came back to my hometown roots of Grand Island to start my healthcare career.  I managed the Ultrasound Department for 10 years.  I loved my patients ( because I love helping people) but knew God had a better plan & fit for me.

        After having my second baby my desire to stay home grew, and when my daughter Atley Grace-5 & my son Axten Crew- was 3, I decided to make a change and enjoy my kiddos.  But deep down I knew I had the potential for more.  I worked a few direct sales companies but just didn’t have the passion that I needed to make it big.  I even sold wine ( great perks) but too much driving for me.  Then SeneGence fell into my lap.  Lipstick that doesn’t smear or rub off on my babies??  Ummmmmmm  YESSSSS!  So my love for the Senegence company began, putting my heart into building a great team of fantastic ladies. I worked this hard for 1.5 years, saving every penny until I got the courage to follow through with what I’ve always known I’m made for.  FASHION & BEAUTY.  I am a true Girly girl at heart.  LOVE IT ALL and live to share it with you!

        So that’s when my vision grew to encompass my eye for fashion & my skill for makeup.  As a wife, mom, business woman, sister, daughter…….  I needed a faster routine.  All of us women go a zillion different directions & are always in a hurry. Am I right or am I right???   My method to the madness is ultimately simplifying a busy lady’s life, while still looking fashionable & beautiful & YES, all put together. And the Lush Factor was born.

        My ultimate goal is to be able to offer you one-of-a-kind beauty products- that can have you out the door in 5 minutes while providing you chic, trendy, affordable, & effortless pieces that can be worn together or as staple pieces to accent your current wardrobe.   Looking all put-together is the true Ticket to living the Lush Lifestyle.

        If you are one of those ladies who just want it to come to their door while being able to shop in your p.j.’s & drink delicious wine from the comfort of your own home 😉 our online option is best for you.  But if your just too busy for even that… hit me up for my personal styling option!  I’ll get you going with exactly what you need in the makeup, skincare & fashion department to get you Lush Living in no time!  Also coming soon- a retail location.  Ekkkkk…. super excited about this and more details will be coming soon!  Perfect for you ladies who want to feel the great quality of our products & the ultimate fit of our clothing & accessories.  Plus Ladies nights & makeup sessions will be available!  I can’t wait for you to live LUSH!

~Happy Shopping~


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